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R.J. Corman receives CSX award for growth on Carolina Lines

R.J. Corman Carolina Lines has received the CSX Short Line Business Development Award “due to the extraordinary growth that is taking place on this short line,” R.J. Corman announced in a press release.

The award is based on percentage carload growth year over year. R.J. Corman said the number of cars moved on its Carolina Lines more than doubled since 2018-2019.

The Carolina Lines, consisting of 103 miles of track, runs from Myrtle Beach, S.C. through Columbus County and ends at a CSX interchange in Mullins, S.C.

The award was to be presented at the annual CSX Short Line Conference, which was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead, CSX Director of Business Development Gary Gambill presented awards via video. Gambill congratulated Adam Boyles of R.J. Corman for competitive wins in several markets, including pulp boards, plastics and minerals.

Short lines like the Carolina Lines deliver the “last mile” of services for rail freight, providing service, switching and handling of cars transferred to them by other carriers like CSX.

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