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  • Dr. Anthony Clarke

SCC success scholarship: a great pathway to college and a career

By Anthony Clarke

President, SCC

I read with much interest Chancellor Robin Cummings’ recent article about UNC Pembroke and the NC Promise Program. As the president of Columbus County’s college, I am attentive when other institutions want to serve Columbus County. At SCC, we want to make sure that we are doing all we can to meet the post-secondary needs of Columbus County citizens.

As Chancellor Cummins mentions, the NC Promise Program offers $500 tuition per semester for in-state students at UNC Pembroke. Based on the UNC Pembroke website, other program costs could include room & board, $8,782; student health insurance, $2,540 and fees, $2,354. Even with these costs, the NC Promise program is a great deal for Columbus County students who want to pursue a four-year degree.

Another path for students to consider is the SCC Success Scholarship. The SCC Success Scholarship is a free tuition and fee scholarship available to recent high school graduates in Columbus County. In fall 2017, 48 recent high school graduates qualified for the scholarship and 25 of those students received funding through the SCC Success Scholarship. The other 23 students were awarded grants and/or named scholarships, so they also attended SCC with no tuition or fee payments. In addition, for four of the 25 students, the SCC Success scholarship was the only scholarship they received. Since these students did not receive any other grants or scholarships, the SCC Success Scholarship paid all tuition and fees for these four students. The SCC Success Scholarship is a result of the leadership of the SCC Board of Trustees and the SCC Foundation Board who are focused on removing cost as a barrier to higher education in Columbus County.

So, this is how it works. A student takes two free Career & College Promise (CCP) courses at SCC while in high school. CCP courses are college-level courses that high school students can take at their local community college to earn college credit while in high school. We are working with Columbus County Schools and Whiteville City Schools to offer CCP courses online at the local high schools and on our campus.

After successful completion of the CCP courses and meeting the other scholarship requirements, the student enrolls at SCC for up to two years with no tuition and fees. The student should choose a pathway that the North Carolina Community College System and UNC Pembroke have developed to ensure that all community college credits transfer to UNC Pembroke. After earning their associate degree, the student then enters the NC Promise Program and transfers to UNC Pembroke.

When the student graduates in four years, they will have paid $2,000 in tuition for a four-year degree, $0 in tuition at SCC and $2,000 tuition at UNC Pembroke. In addition, the student will have paid $0 in fees at SCC, saving even more money.

The NC Promise program is a great choice for some students. The SCC Success Scholarship is a great choice for some students. Combining them into a seamless pathway towards a four year degree is even a better choice for Columbus County students. I want students and parents to consider the SCC Success Scholarship when making their college decision. Remember – at SCC, we are Succeeding Together in Columbus County.

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