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  • Jefferson Weaver

Label Shopper Opens Doors

A new retailer in Whiteville takes pride in offering selections that are “straight from the mall.

“That’s what we say about all our clothes,” said Jennifer Pridgen, manager of Label Shopper in White’s Plaza.

The full-line clothier held a ribbon cutting recently at its store near Tractor Supply. The shop is packed with well-known name brands like American Eagle, Izod, Columbia and other names popular with teens and families, Pridgen said.

“We have a lot in the store, so we can have a wide selection for everyone,” she said. “When you come here to go shopping, you need to plan to stay for a while. We have a lot to take in.”

Based in upstate New York, Label Shopper is a growing chain of stores along the East Coast. Whiteville was the first location chosen for southeastern North Carolina, Pridgen said. “The company has agents who go out and look for towns and cities where they feel Label Shopper will be a good fit,” she said. “Whiteville was the first in this area.” Finding popular name brands at lower prices than the big box stores or a mall an hour away is a big plus for many moms or teenagers, said Jennifer Holcomb, executive director of the Chamber of Commerce. “When I saw they had American Eagle and Columbia, as a mother of teenagers, I was excited,” Holcomb said. “We always like welcoming quality businesses to Whiteville and Columbus County, especially when we know they’ll be popular.”

Pridgen said customers will always be greeted when they come in, “but we won’t hover over you.

“We have a lot of merchandise,” she said, “and nobody’s going to pressure you. We make sure you know we’re here to help, and we’ll do anything we can for a customer, but we aren’t going to push you. We want everyone to enjoy their experience here.”

Pridgen is no stranger to the area – she worked for IGA for years. This is her first foray in retail clothing, and she said she is enjoying the new challenge.

“We have good workers, a good store and a good company,” she said, “and we have the good brands people want, at better prices than they might pay in other places. You don’t need to wait for a sale at Label Shopper to get a good deal.”

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